Frequently Asked Questions

SocialBoost is the best place in the Netherland for Global Brands, Business Owners and Marketers to find solutions at affordable prices. On this page, you should find the answers to any questions you have about us. If you can't find what you're looking for here, drop us a line at info@socialboost.nl - we're a friendly bunch!

Your data is 100% secure using SSL and we never share our customer's data to any person.

We accept all major credit card. Everything is secured by Paypal. You can pay for one year at once or you can choose for a qauter.

We send the notification to the customer before expiry date, So you can easily pay and extend the date of your profile subscription in other case the profile page (fanpage and its apps) will be stopped working automatically.

You can upgrade, downgrade your profile package any time to click the button "Upgrade Subscription" in your profile page.

Yes it is possible! If you don't have a paypal account and wants to pay as manual invocie then please drop an email to info@socialboost.nl and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

The Socialboost subscriptions always for a year and you can pay for one year at once or you can choose for a quarter. For that time, you can launch as many campaigns as you like for your fanpage. Subscription activation works with the expiry date! So the 30 days period after the subscriptions expiry date, the profile will be removed automatically without restoration of data but you can pay within that time of 30 days to activate again.

In order for SocialBoost to function properly, we need the necessary Facebook app permissions and security tokens. This is no different than any other social media tool. Once you connect to SocialBoost, you will see a list all of the Facebook pages for which you have administrative rights, and can then choose which pages you would like to install. By using Facebook login functionality, we've eliminated the need for you to create your own username and password. Login and signup is done through your Facebook account.

Yes, you can add as many as profile pages as you like for facebook fanpages. Each profile page have its own subscription with expiry date.

Yes, you can cancel your profile subscription any time to just click on the "Remove" botton in your profile dashboard.

Your profile subscription will be cancelled automatically without any refunds! The applications data will be lost without the possibility of its restoration and will uninstall the tabs from your facebook page.